Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get started with Encouragers Coop?
First you want to make sure you read our Mission Statement and the Parent Expectations that are expected of every participating member. Once you have decided if Encourager’s Co-op good fit for your family, simply fill out the online registration forms and applicable waivers for your family. After you have submitted your registration you will be able to begin enrollment.

Am I required to stay on campus while my children attend classes?
Yes. We do require that a parent or guardian is on campus at all times. This is a necessary policy for two reasons. First, we are not legally considered a private school because parents are on campus. If we allow parents to leave campus it would change the status of the co-op and we would have to meet far more requirements by the state than we do now resulting in raising costs and being subject to regulations. The other being that the Encourager’s Coop's insurance coverage requires parents to be on campus.

What do my Coop fees pay for?
The fees collected for each family at the beginning of each semester cover administrative expenses for the coop such as copies, supplies needed on co-op days and fees paid for legal documents that we are required to submit to the state throughout the year. It also covers the insurance we are required to carry for the Coop. Mostly, the fees cover the gift we provide to the church. North West Community Church graciously has allowed us to use their facility at no cost to us. Knowing we use their utilities and facilities at no charge, Encourager’s Co-op gives them a financial gift at the end of each year in gratitude for their generosity. We may also use funds to give a gift card to our site coordinator or someone who contributed extraordinarily during the year to make co­op run smoothly. Our treasurer keeps full documentation of where monies have been dispersed during the year.

Why am I required to volunteer for set-up/clean-up and helping in classes?
Because this is a cooperative educational environment, it takes the help of every family to keep it running smoothly. The classrooms require set­up every week in the morning and at noon. The Church also asks us to put the classrooms back to their original condition when we are finished. As Christians, we feel it is imperative to leave the church as clean as when we left it, if not cleaner. This also maintains a good relationship between the church and our co-op. Without everyone's efforts and participation it would become an overwhelming task for a few. All positions held whether it be a class leader, helper, or board member are on a volunteer basis. It is our belief that this small inconvenience is well worth the opportunity for our kids. Please refer to the Parent Expectations section for further information. .

What can I do if I have a baby or toddler and need to teach or help in a class?
We understand that many families have children of different ages so we provide a nursery for younger children that can be used if a parent is volunteering or teaching in a classroom. However, some parents prefer to keep their babies with them and this is fine as well, as long as it is not disruptive to the class.

Why can't I always be in my child's class?
Whenever possible, we try to place parents in positions where they can be with one or more of their children. However, because there are so many classes, there may be times when you are asked to volunteer in a room elsewhere. We do not ever ask parents to volunteer before or after their children's enrolled class times.