About Us

Mission Statement

The Encourager’s Co-op (EC) exists to glorify God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as we provide a safe, loving, learning environment for parents to offer enrichment classes for their children, as well as children of other CHET-NW families. Classes are offered as enrichment only. EC teachers act as class leaders, facilitators and/or discussion leaders for all classes, including any classes in subjects the parent is required to provide according to Arizona Homeschool Law in reading, grammar, mathematics, social studies and science. (Reference: Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 15-802(A). www.hslda.org/laws/analysis/Arizona.pdf)

Please review our rules and guidelines.

About Us

EC is a not for profit entity run by a board of directors.

  1. Encourager’s Co-op is only open to all registered CHET-NW families. The CHET-NW Statement of Faith must be agreed upon and signed by all EC families.
  2. The goal of the EC Board is to offer a rich variety of classes, and make them as financially accessible as possible so that families benefit from the social, academic, and enrichment opportunities.
  3. For liability purposes as well as the fact that EC is a cooperative entity, ALL parents are required to stay on campus during the entire time their children are attending classes. Parents are also required to fulfill certain duties for the co-op to run smoothly. These include, but are not limited to, set up, clean up, and being assigned as a class helper where needed.
  4. Families register online at www.encouragerscoop.org and must attend the fall registration meeting to complete registration and pay all fees.
  5. Direct all co-op emails to encouragerscoop@gmail.com.

What are Enrichment Classes

  1. Enrichment classes are supplemental opportunities for families to experience learning with other Homeschool students and parents. We have found that many of our enrichment classes tend to incorporate physical and/or hands-on-learning, creative exploration, projects and experiments, group discussions, and supportive interactions.
  2. Our classes are offered solely as enrichment and are not meant to supplant the core parental instruction the is required to be provided, especially in reading, grammar, mathematics, social studies, and science.
  3. Our enrichment classes have at least 2 adults per class – the class leader and a helper. Classes with younger children and/or more than 6-8 children may have more helpers, as needed.
  4. The class leader is not considered to be the “teacher” in the usual sense of the word although this term is conveniently used. Our co-op class leaders are considered class facilitators, discussion leaders, activity leaders, and/or tutors.

About Our Classes

  1. We strive to offer a variety of classes in such areas as art, cooking, science enrichment, history, writing support, study skills, math support, etc. Classes offered will depend on the needs of the students and willing parents.
  2. Some classes such as reading, grammar, mathematics, social studies, and science will require work done at home under the guidance and assistance of the parent. Any work assigned by the class leader will allow effective and efficient use of the limited class time.
  3. Should the parent choose to integrate the co-op class work into their home school needs, the board strongly suggests the parent also be involved in the co-op class keeping up to date on class content and activities. The parent must always oversee all their student’s work. No co-op class in and of itself (and without parental involvement) is designed to fulfill the parent’s home education responsibility. This is an important distinction, as it may be tempting for parents to depend on a 1 day/wk co-op class as a fulfillment of a home school requirement. This is not the purpose of our enrichment classes.
  4. Additionally, co-op class leaders do not assign credit for any class they provide as EC is not and never has been a school with the ability to grant credit. The assignment of credit is solely the responsibility of the home education parent.

About Class Curriculum, Assignments and Parent Participation

  1. Enrichment class leaders decide on the class curriculum they would like to provide, topic schedule, class activities, and assignments. Parents are expected to be directly involved in all homework required each week and to oversee weekly completion of assigned work, so that the limited class time can be used effectively.
  2. Class leaders may provide individual assignment grades for projects and homework. However, class leaders do not assign a grade at the completion of a class. A graded assignment is a way of offering input from the class leader on how well the student follows instructions and has integrated the class activities, discussions and learning.
  3. Parents can sign up to be helpers in their own children’s classes. A request can be made to the EC board for such assignment.
  4. Parents are responsible for being involved in and overseeing their child’s progress and learning, especially if they integrate it into their home school needs.

Rules and Guidelines

Parent Responsibility

Our co-op is run by the large and small efforts of all involved. Parental help is vital, and appreciated. In joining EC, parents agree to being available to help as needed. Parents must either teach or help in a class, nursery, preschool, or game room. Parents must also pitch in to do their part for setup/cleanup of the facility. Even if a student is enrolled in a 1 hour class, a parent may be assigned to help for that hour in any given class. It is a priority that we have two adults in every class.

Co-op Coordinators and Assignments

  1. We will ask for a volunteer Site Coordinator for the Fall and Spring semester, and the morning or afternoon times. Site Coordinators are the go-to person for absences of class leaders, helpers, and students. They make sure each class has a helper.
  2. Setup/Cleanup Coordinators are in charge of sending the weekly email reminders for theses important tasks.
  3. The coordinator may also be asked to request more volunteers via email, if needed.
  4. Volunteer class positions (class helpers, preschool, nursery, game room, etc.) will be assigned by the board, but please let us know any preferences and we will do our best to make that happen.

Set Up and Clean Up Expectations

  1. Every family is required to help with classroom setup and cleanup. With everyone’s participation, the required family commitment is approximately 4 to 5 times each semester. These dates are assigned. If a date assigned to you conflicts with your schedule, you are responsible to trade with another family and to then notify a co-op board member. Set up and clean up take around 30 minutes.
  2. For set up and clean up instructions, please watch the how-to videos via the links below.
  3. Please remember that it is a privilege to be able to use SRCC’s facilities, therefore, it is important that we leave the church facility cleaner than it was than when we arrived.
  4. Any problems, concerns or needs should always be brought to the on site coordinator or board member who is not currently teaching.

Instructional Videos

Cleaning Sign-up Genius


  1. Co-op fee for 2018-2019 is $35/semester per family, $15 for class leaders. The enrollment fee is paid to the Encourager Co-op each semester and it is utilized to provide the end of the year gift to the church for the use of the facilities, insurance, and any other operational expenses such as paper goods, cleaning supplies and so on. The co op board is a 100% volunteer work.
  2. Class fees are charged by each individual class leaders to cover expenses for running the class. It is important to read the class descriptions to be aware of class expenses, such as book, supplies etc. All the class fees are paid directly to the class leader and are due at the time of registration.

General Co-op Rules and Guideline

  1. A parent of children in nursery through twelfth grade must be present at all times on the church grounds while their children are attending Encourager’s Co-op. The Co-op is run by parents serving as class leaders and helpers and without sufficient staffing the Co-op cannot operate. We understand that during the Co-op yearly cycle unusual situations may arise for families. Please know we will consider those on a case by case basis. Our goal is to ensure the smooth operation of the Co-op for all families and be a support to each other in the process.
  2. On class day, should an emergency arise, the parent must designate a responsible adult in writing and give the note to a board member. We hope this does not happen regularly, so please do your best to plan ahead. Again, we need to ensure the smooth operation of the classes and safety for all children and also support our teachers.
  3. Absence and Sick Policy for Class Leaders and Volunteers:
    • If you will be absent or late for the start of your scheduled Co-op duties, please let the Co-op Site Coordinator know as early as possible so that a replacement can be provided in your absence. Further details about the Site Coordinator will be emailed before the beginning of the semester. Each parent is responsible for communicating any absences. If miscommunication becomes a regular occurrence after discussion with a board member, a family may be asked to not return to classes. We need to know if you plan to be absent or if you are just running late.
    • Sick children are not to be brought to Co-op under any circumstances. If the parent is a class leader/teacher but needs to care for an ill child at home, a substitute parent will be called in to facilitate the class for that day.
  4. Parking at SRCC is allowed in the parking lots and side lots.
  5. Unregistered children may not be brought to Co-op without first obtaining permission from a board member and must fill out and sign a liability waiver. At all times, the guest must stay with and be supervised by the adult who brought them to Co-op. Guests are not to be brought into the classrooms of other teachers as this is disruptive to the class, and teachers are not prepared for additional, unexpected students.
  6. Running is not allowed near the classrooms, or in the hallway because it can cause accidents or unwanted falls. It is also disruptive to any classes in session.
  7. If a student becomes disruptive during class time, the class helper will notify the parent and escort the child to the parent lounge to remain until the end of that class.
  8. Please make sure your children do not bring any sharp or potentially harmful objects with them to Co-op, such as pocket knives or other items. These items are not allowed and will be confiscated if brought to co-op.
  9. A playground monitor will be assigned for safety reasons, and families will be notified at the beginning of the semester.
  10. Children are allowed to play outside on the play structures. At no time are children allowed on or near the rock areas, as there may be snakes including rattlesnakes, in these areas. It is very important that parents make their children aware of this danger.
  11. Parents must have their child(ren) either registered in a class, study hall or game room, unless the parent has the child with her. Children will not be allowed to wander the campus unsupervised. The same rules for the classroom apply to the study hall and game room. Parents may drop their infants and toddlers off in the nursery if they are teaching or helping in a class, however, when that commitment is over, please pick your children up in a timely manner. Parents of infants and toddlers are welcome to use the nursery if they are not in a class; parent must stay with the child in the nursery.
  12. In order to use the kitchen families must clean up after themselves. Parents are accountable for their children's messes.

We hope and pray for another wonderful, enriching school year for all and that our joint efforts bless our families and our community.

In His service,
Jeanne Fisher, Jennifer Bailey, Jennifer Bossen and Devra Raica, Board Members

Contact us with any questions at: encouragerscoop@gmail.com

I have read and understand the Rules and Guidelines.