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About Encourager’s Co­op

Encouragers Cooperative was founded by a group of visionary homeschooling moms in 2005. It started small and it has grown over the years, but not so much that the sense of community is absent. EC is a parent led co­op open to members of CHET­NW. We strive to provide a wide variety of enrichment classes for homeschooled children from K­ through 12. Classes offered vary each year based on the participating families’ interests and available volunteers. As a co­op it is expected that families work together in various ways to ensure a successful experience for all. As a member of EC you can look forward to a rewarding Thursday full of learning, fun, and fellowship. Fall and Spring semesters run from 12­ week to 16 week classes. The membership fees is $35 per semester per family. EC is a not­for­profit entity. Fees directly paid to the co­-op are used to pay for insurance, supplies, and a donation to the facility. In addition, the class facilitator may request a class fee.


Enrichment classes are supplemental opportunities for families to experience learning with other homeschool students and parents. We have found that many of our enrichment classes tend to incorporate physical and/or hands on learning, creative exploration, projects and experiments, group discussions, and supportive interactions. Our classes are offered solely as enrichment and are not meant to replace the core instruction the parent is required to provide.

Our enrichment classes have at least 2 adults per class; the class leader and a helper. Classes with younger children and/or more than 6­ to 8 children may have more helpers as needed. The class leader is not considered to be the “teacher” in the usual sense of the word although this term is conveniently used. Our co­-op class leaders are considered to be class facilitators, discussion leaders, activity leaders, and/or tutors.

All classes such as reading, grammar, mathematics, social studies, and science will require additional work done at home under the provision and guidance of the parent. Additional work assigned by the class leader will allow effective and efficient use of the limited class time. Should the parent choose to integrate the co­-op class work into their home school needs, the board strongly suggests the parent also be involved in the co­-op class, keeping up to date on class content and activities and overseeing all their student’s work. Class leaders may provide individual grades for projects and homework. However, class leaders do not assign a grade at the completion of a class. A graded assignment is a way of offering input from the class leader on how well the student follows instructions and has integrated the class activities, discussions and learning. No co­-op class in and of itself (and without parental involvement) is designed to fulfill the parent’s home education responsibility. Additionally, co­-op class leaders do not assign credit for any class they provide. The assignment of credit is solely the responsibility of the home education parent.

Class leaders must read and sign read an Encourager’s Co­-op Class Leader Agreement, stating that they are not Encourager’s Co­-op employees.

In order for students to participate in EC, Parents must read and sign the Encourager’s Co­op Enrollment Agreement stating that they understand that Encourager’s Co­op is an option for families to help provide enrichment and instruction in subjects beyond the educating that takes place within their home/family, and that they understand the final responsibility for instruction is under the jurisdiction of their homeschool. They are freely enrolling in classes by their own choice and not as any program of study recommended or required by the co­op. Encourager’s Co­-op does not keep records of classes taken or completed, grades or points, or students' grade levels. Classes are offered as enrichment only. Please refer to this link for the AZ homeschool Affidavit.: http://www.hslda.org/laws/analysis/arizona.pdf. Please refer to the Parent Expectations section for further information.

Encourager’s Co­op Mission Statement

The Encourager’s Co­op (EC) exists to glorify God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as we provide a safe, loving, learning environment for parents to offer enrichment classes for their children, as well as children of other CHET­NW families.

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